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Wednesday, May 24, 2006
  New: How to hack your Hi5 layout

Hi5 hacks, hack your Hi5 layout, modify your Hi5 !!
So we get a ton of email from people begging for Hi5 layout codes after visiting our Myspace code page - we posted on our Myspace layout page that the codes DO work for Hi5, but I guess we didn't do it in a large enough font. So, in an effort to keep everybody happy, we've made a separate page of Hi5 hacks and layout codes just for all the Hi5 users out there (even though they are 99% the same as the Myspace codes.. shhhh).
Hi5 layout hacks 



Is there any code avaiable to modify the number of views?
or place a .gif right on where the number of views is?
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As far as i am aware, there is no way to change your number of view or put a .GIF next to it..but i am no Hi5 expert. Perhaps posting the question in our Hi5 forums area would yield more answers.
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