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Sunday, June 11, 2006
  Man charged with arraging sex with girl, 14, on

Police in Naperville, IL have arrested another man and charged him with soliciting sex from an underaged girl on If convicted of the charges, he would be yet one more pervert using the internet to take advantage of underaged children who's parents have no clue what they are up to when they use their computer.

Coffield, who's Myspace name is "Mistercee42", was charged with felony indecent solicitation of a child, and was taken to the Will County Jail in Joliet. Police were tipped off by a relative that had the common sense to contact them when the young girl apparantly mentioned the upcoming rendavous. They then setup a 'sting' by posing as the young girl online and chatting with Coffield, who then setup the meeting.

Once again, the media (and probably the parents) blame Myspace, the internet, and anyone else within finger pointing distance while failing to acknowledge that it is the responsibility of the parents to to supervise their children whenever online, or when they are anyplace else for that matter.

Coffield's "friends" list on Myspace contains only "celebrites" and young females. Although hindsight is 20/20, it's easy to see that a 42 year old male with nothing but young teenage girls and fake celebraties listed as friends could be a problem. Any parent checking on who their child's Myspace 'friends' are might have been tipped off if their 14 year old daughter was listed as a 'friend' of this 42 year old man with sexually suggestive videos and other young girls listed on his profile.

See our keep your kids safe on Myspace page to keep your kids safe online. 

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