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Monday, June 19, 2006
  Mother of teen sues MySpace for $30 million

What the FLOCK?!
So mom is too lazy, stupid or ignorant to watch what her kid does for hours on-end on the computer, but she sure isn't too stupid to pick up the phone and call Larry H. Parker to try and get rich off her daughter's misfortune (I wont blame the daughter for what happened to her, as she certainly did not deserve it, but she IS partly to blame - although not as much has her ignorant mother).
If "mom" had spent a little more time being involved with what her daughter was doing, instead of using the Internet as a baby-sitter, she would not be in this predicament.. Oh.. Wait.. But then she wouldn't be in for $30Million either..

The mother of a Texas teenager has sued for $30 million, after her daughter said she was sexually assaulted by a man she met on the social-networking site.

According to an article published Monday in The Austin American-Statesman newspaper, the 14-year-old said she was contacted by the 19-year-old defendant through her MySpace Web page in April. He was arrested in May, the article says.

The lawsuit alleges that has lax security in protecting its users, many of whom are younger than 16, the article says.

'MySpace is more concerned about making money than protecting children online,' Adam Loewy, who is representing the girl and her mother in the lawsuit against MySpace, told the newspaper.

For the full story, click HERE

Check our keep your kids safe on Myspace page to learn how you can help keep your kids safe online, so I don't end up blogging about how stupid YOU look when your kid does something crazy on Myspace. 
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