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Friday, June 09, 2006
  Myspace meetup for stupid kid

Does Myspace only give accounts to retards? Or is it that you PARENTS have to be retards before you can sign-up?

DETROIT - A 16-year-old girl who flew to the Middle East to see a man she met on was detained in Jordan and was headed home Friday, an FBI spokesman said.

U.S. officials persuaded Katherine Lester to take the return flight from Amman, FBI Special Agent Robert Beeckman said from the agency’s Detroit office.

Lester had disappeared from her home in Gilford, in eastern Michigan, on Monday and apparently planned to visit a man whose MySpace account describes him as a 25-year-old from Jericho, said Tuscola County Undersheriff James Jashinske.

Full Story HERE 

Wow - when I was 16, I was lucky to go to the movies, much less try to convince my parents that I was "going to Canada with friends". What parents wouldn't research the heck out of a request like this?
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