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Friday, July 28, 2006 hacked - screen shots are proof ?

Over the last 24 hours there have been news and Blog-reports of Myspace being down due to "electrical" problems, Myspace accidentally mass-deleting thousands of accounts (then UNdeleting them), and now users are reporting that was hacked/vandalized for several hours earlier today.

A reader sent this copy of a report from the Dreamhost datacenter that resides in the same building as Myspace. So it appears that there actually was a power problem today :

The Garland Building experienced a dead short which resulted in a brief power outage today, July 28, 2006. The air conditioning, elevators, and the electrical utility have all been restored.
While on generator power, a dead short occurred from one of our internal telecom users. We are investigating where the dead short occurred. A follow-up memo will be sent by the end of the business day reconfirming our transfer at 11:30pm tonight. We are currently on DWP power until further notice..

- last week at the height of the heat-wave in Southern California there were also several Myspace outages due to heat-related power problems. It turns out the Los Angeles DWP has not upgraded a large portion of it's infrastructure (you know, the wires and those transformer thingys on the telephone poles) in as long as EIGHTY YEARS.. But that's a whole 'nother blog-rant..

So seems that Myspace is having a bad week - on the tail of the power problems, Myspace also appears to have been hacked or vandalized. Below are the screenshots one user was able to grab as 'evidence' that had truly been hacked. If you saw any unusual activity on Myspace today please post what happened or what you saw so we can decide if these are true screenshots, or just someone with too much time on their hands playing with Photoshop: (click each screenshot for a larger view)

Update: 8:52PM, PST
Myspace is DOWN again... hhmmmm
myspace was originaly coded using a very out of date development framework for ColdFusion (or CFML) called fusebox. This is just an example of the variables not being replaced with actual values.

- funny this is the 2nd time i've ran across your blog today -
Could somebody please Help me with my myspace page.I can't send messages at all & everything I put on my profile page the add for the link ends up in the left hand corner.I've been try'n to get a hold of Tom for over A month I've heard nothing.does myspace even have a phone #.this is rediculous.
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