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Sunday, August 27, 2006
  Myspace closes GIANT SECURITY hole

Late in the evening hours of Saturday August 26, 2006 a story was posted on DIGG.COM about a very simple "hack" (more like an easy backdoor)

that would allow anyone to view comments and photos on a private Myspace page. Private pages, you may recall is the setting for all children under the age of 16 on Myspace. This was part of the "enhanced security" that Myspace implemented a few months back (previously, only children 14 and under had mandatory 'private' profiles).

The only problem is that (based on user reports), for the last few months anyone has been able to access the comments and pictures of these so-called private profiles by exploiting this glitch.. Now, in Myspace's defense, maybe they weren't aware of this little secret - but c'mon.. it's been floating out there in cyberspace for months - I thought these Myspace security guys were good?!

So it looks like now that this backdoor was on DIGG.COM, Myspace has fixed this security hole - Kudos to Myspace for that. But lets not forget that this little 'bug' has been in the wild since at least April 2006, based on reports from people who say they've been using it since then.

All you parents worried about your kids, all you kids worried about your "private" posts and pics.. NOW you have something to worry about: who's been lurking at your 'private' Myspace stuff...

UPDATE 8/29/06:
A hole STILL exists, allowing ANYONE to view photos on profiles set to private. See THIS POST


That 'll teach those diggers!
donut is a Tom Way lover
Ridiculously exaggerated with "GIANT SECURITY hole"??? Noooooooooo.
yeah man like i said there on this isnt fixed yet.. i been messaging the programmers for a long time trying to tell them but they never fixed it until now.. lol go figure.
AND this blog post got the digg effect o_o
STFU mikexcore
this "hole" is nothing less or more than a css crack that you all know is easy to fix... Myspace techies have no clue what Sciptkittys are all about haha
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