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Tuesday, September 12, 2006
  The disclosure dilemma

Once again members at Grown Up have given us a code that allows anyone to view information (this time, comments) on Myspace profiles marked as 'private'. In the past we have exposed several security holes at Myspace accomplishing two things each time:
1) every pervert and stalker on the internet gets access to private profile information
2) Myspace fixes the hole, making Myspace a safer place
(note; it seems that simply reporting the security issues to Myspace does no good -- we've tried it)

So this time we're stuck on deciding if we should disclose this new hack to the world, or keep it a secret. It's not really a secret because it is floating around out there on the Internet - but if we post it, the whole world will know..

We decided to let our website visitors decide by voting.

Update: Website vistors voted to release the code by 83% .. We released the code, and Myspace fixed it 2 days later..


please send me this code because my little sisters is private and my mom bet me i couldnt find a way around the "private" webpage
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