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Monday, January 08, 2007
  Google Adsense Blogs about

More love from the Google Adsense team (but no links!).

In today's Google Adsense Blog post, they featured and put a link to their first referrals-based Adsense Case Study which also features us.

To recap: Google has now featured/posted about us on three separate occasions

  1. Adsense Referrals Case Study
  2. Referrals optimization Tips Page
  3. Inside Adsense Blog Post

I wonder if this means our 15 minutes of fame is over now?

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Getting featured 3 times is pretty cool :) I wonder why they didn't link to you!
How much additional traffic did you see from being featured by Google?
The Adsense marketing team called me before they made the post in the Adsense Blog "warning" me that I would be getting a lot of traffic. I was expecting "slashdot" or DIGG like traffic and prepared my server of the onslaught...
So far though we haven't seen any 'real' increase.. Since they haven't posted any direct links I'm seeing a lot more Google searches for the site-name, but probably less than 100 or so a day.
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