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Saturday, March 17, 2007
  Drupal: A Quick Cure for "WSOD"

I was browsing through the Drupal Support Forum and this post about the Drupal WSOD (White Screen of Death) caught my eye. I could feel the OP's pain as I read part of his post:

"I physically moved the Tagadelic subdirectory out of the modules directory. This hasn't had any effect: just whiteness, whiteness everywhere. Argh."

At first, it was the "WSOD" (White Screen of Death) reference that grabbed my attention. Back in September 2006 suffered from a particular nasty case of the Drupal WSOD, which kept the site down for about two days and resulted in the loss of several posts and all user accounts. It was at this point in time that I learned the importance of backing-up your Drupal database often.

The second thing that caught my eye about the post was how quickly the OP's problem was solved - about 3 hours. Support for your Drupal install can be hit or miss at the forums. In some cases your pleas for help and begging for answers will fall on deaf ears and blind, cold, heartless eyes. In other cases such as this WSOD post, and mine from last week, the Drupal Gods save the day.


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