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Saturday, April 28, 2007
  Free online eBook: How I Made a Successful Website in only 4 months

Back in September of '06 I sat down and wrote a little 12-page ebook that outlined how had grown from nothing in January 2006 to getting several thousand unique visitors per day and earning over $1,000 per month by May 2006 - and how after one year the website is getting approximately 15,000 unique visitors per day, has been featured as an Adsense Success Story and is and generating $4,000 - $5,000 per month in revenue.

After writing the e-Booklet I made one post at the Digital Point Forums about my new prose and sold hundreds of copies over the next 6 months. Not only did I sell nearly 1,000 copies but the eBook was "stolen" and resold without my permission twice - this is the true measure of the success of an ebook!

In the six months that the ebook was for sale I made a few revisions and expanded the ebook to about 30 pages, and now I'm ready to publish version 4 of the eBook. Version 4 will be posted here in my bl0g and will be available to everyone. I plan on publishing one chapter approximately every-other-week beginning in May of this year.

If you have a new website or are thinking about creating a website for the first time you might be able to get a few ideas from reading it.

Click here for SECTION ONE (Preface)


Two quick questions, if you don't mind. I'm always interested in copyright issues on the net, especially written and photographic content.

1. How did you find out these two individuals were reselling your work?

2. Were you able to get them to stop and/or penalize them in any way?

1) i was tipped off to both by members at the DP Forum that complained to me that they had already purchased the ebook from other forums.

2) I was never able to find the first person. The second person agreed to pay me retroactive resale rights after I threatened him with legal action. He claims he purchased the resale rights from someone that sold him a package of 100 ebooks and resale rights.

I'm sure there are many others out there selling my ebook as their own.
could u pls notify me when the 4th version is available? i bought it directly from you on DP. my email: thanks!
i didnt find the link to download the free ebook lol? my bad? pm me later k
This IS the free eBook! Every week or so for the next few weeks i will post a new chapter.
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