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Saturday, May 05, 2007
  AuctionAds: Earning After Only 7 Days

Around a week ago I decided to give AuctionAds a try. AuctionAds EarningsBecause you don't get any earnings until after an auction ends and is paid, I assumed it would take at least a week before I saw any earnings. I didn't get my hopes up very high so I was pleasantly surprised when I checked my stats yesterday and saw my first earnings posted: a whopping $6.45 !

I understand that $6.45 isn't really very much, but considering that Adsense placed in the exact same location as my AuctionAds banner earns even less, $6.45 isn't too shabby.

Because AuctionAds lets me choose the keywords for auctions that I think interest visitors, the CTR is pretty high - and as time goes on and as more and more of my cookies get planted, I expect the earnings to continue to grow. Jeremy Schoemaker of AuctionAds calls this the SnowBall effect. If he is right then AuctionAds has the potential to be a great income stream.

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