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Friday, May 25, 2007
  The Secret To Making Money With AuctionAds

If you own a website and you have not already tested or at least checked out AuctionAds, get over to now and sign up for your free account and start showing ads on your site within 5 minutes or less - then read the rest of this post to learn the secret to earning some decent cash with ActionAds.

First, the basics: What is AuctionAds ?
AuctionAds is a new eBay Affiliate revenue sharing system that allows you to easily earn money on your website by showing image-ads for eBay auctions. Each time someone clicks on one of the ads displayed on your site and then buys an item on eBay, you earn money. Because AuctionAds has great-looking images of the products, CTR is very high and because of the 30-day cookie, each time someone clicks on of your Auction Ads you make money if that person buys anything on eBay for the next month! You can also target your AuctionAds with keywords so that only items that interest your website visitors will be displayed - resulting in higher CTR.

There are other eBay affiliate programs out there, but AuctionAds is by far the easiest and fasted to use. You can be up and running with AuctionAds in less than 10 minutes. And, before you ask - YES, you can use AuctionAds with Adsense on the same site, and even on the same page.

My tips for using Auction Ads:

auctionads_ad_kw = “DVD Player; iPod; MP3 player; Wii”;
  • Use 'negative keywords': Prevent ads from displaying by using negative keywords. The following example will display ads for iPods, but not for iPod cables or earphones:
auctionads_ad_kw = “ipod -cable -earphone -earbud”;
(update: it looks like the negative keywords aren't working right now. I'm not sure if this is a glitch or if they have removed this feature)

The SECRET to making money with AuctionAds:
The secret to earning with AuctionAds is waiting. That's right.. waiting. You know, sit back and forget about it for 30-40 days. I've read too many complaints from people trying AuctionAds for the first time saying they aren't happy with it because they were not making any money after only 7-10 days (or less) and not sticking-it out.

The key with AuctionAds is TIME & patience. Remember that 30-day cookie I mentioned above? As you get more an more clicks, and your referral cookie gets planted on more and more PC's your odds for earning are dramatically increased. I guess I should also mention that the other secrets are traffic and clicks, but hopefully you already knew that. After 30 or 40 days you should start to see the Snowball effect. Depending on the niche of your website and the demographics of your visitors the earnings could be large, or not. But if you don't wait that full 30-40 days you won't know for sure.

To learn more about AuctionAds or to sign up and try it, go to

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AuctionAds pays through PayPal so I don't join.

AdSense : Your Money Making Machine:
Mmm, don't you think it odd that you've written a post on AuctionAds but haven't included any ads on the post?

I like ebay auctions but it can be quite up and down in terms of income.
No, I don't think it's odd that I didn't display AuctionAds in my post or anywhere on the blog simply because I don't feel that my readers would be interested in seeing eBay advertisements.. If you look at all pages in the forums section of our main website, you'll see AuctionAds all over the place.
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