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Wednesday, June 20, 2007
  It's Official: Adsense earnings are down

Normally a dip in Adsense earnings would not be worth blogging about, but something different is happening this time.

I first noticed a decrease in my overall Adsense earnings in the first week of the month and I made a post at DP Forums. To other members it looked like just another of the endless "my Adsense earnings are down, wahh wahh wahh" thread and I chalked it up to the "summer slump". But a few days later a post was made at Webmaster World, then another at Digital Point, then yet another at Webmaster World. The common thread amongst all of these posts is that a large amount of webmasters around the world are all reporting the same thing: Adsense earnings are down. Even Darren Rowse has mentioned it in his blog. Earnings are the same for many, and even up for a few, but for many more Adsense publishers including myself, earnings are at an all time low.

What is causing Adsense earnings to fall ?
Some webmasters feel this could be the fallout of Google banning the MFA arbitragers on June 1, and yet some others think it may have to do with eBay pulling all of it's Adwords advertising. I personally have no clue as to what might be causing the decrease in earnings, nor am I overly concerned about it. Why? Because I have protection.

Protect yourself against drops in your Adsense income
Regular readers of my blog, and those that follow my posts on DP Forums have seen me say this before, so for give me for repeating myself when I say this:

You must diversify your earnings

Most 'old timers' know this all too well, but for many new webmasters just starting out with Adsense, it may not have crossed their minds or maybe they thought it was too difficult.

There are many ways to diversify your website's income. At we have several income streams including Adsense, Kontera, CJ, donations, subscriptions, AuctionAds, Related Search, Yahoo Publisher Network, ClickBank and affiliate sales. We've even tried and sometimes use TextLink Ads, Adbrite and AzoogleAds. It is these multiple income streams that allows us to pull-in upwards of $6,000/month. Even though some of these sources of income may only generate $5-$25/day, they add-up quickly. As Mubin Ahmed would say, "making money $0.10 at a time".

Some revenue streams such as donations or subscriptions require a large member-base and may not be appropriate for many websites. However others, particularly Kontera are incredibly easy to apply for and add to your website, they earn almost as much as Adsense, and on some days even more than Adsense (especially this month!) Others, such as Yahoo Publisher Network do horribly, but even that small amount of additional income per day can help ease the sting when you're having a bad Adsense day. Affiliate programs like CJ and ClickBank are just as easy to put on your website, but require some effort to create a good "sales page". At we have only two or three CJ and ClickBank pages, but those pages generate over $1,000/month in sales alone.

The moral of my story is that by adding additional sources of revenue you are less reliant on Adsense and can put a few extra dollars into your pocket each month. It's not as difficult as you might think.

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Fret not, Randy.

The list is coming soon.

Yeah, hopefully most folks' Adsense earnings will take an upturn.

Funny you signed your name as "hubby" 'cause I was just writing that Erin Pavlina's "hubby" Steve quoted her income.

Take care,
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