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Friday, July 27, 2007
  John Chow's checkin me out

John Chow blog
John Chow's feeling the heat.. He sees me coming up behind him in his rear-view mirror.. He's worried that I'm going to topple him! He knows that the site ranks between #2 and #5 (depending on the day) on Google for the term "Make money on the internet" and he's starting to sweat... either that or he was just really, really bored today.

It was a surprise to see John Chow's smiling face on his MyBlogLog image (I grabbed a screencap of as proof that he stopped by) on the site today.

I doubt that he's worried too much about me because he's a better blogger than I'll ever be - probably because he actually has time to sit down and think about a blog-post before he makes it and does not have a screaming kid and nagging-wife bugging him every time he tries to write anything.. But I digress..

Anyway, thanks for stopping by John... And.. Watch your back because I'm catching up :)

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