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Thursday, December 28, 2006
  Carson Daily - Henry Fonda related?

I've been pretty busy over at the main site so haven't had much time to put anything into the blog lately. Server crashes, hack attempts, trolls, unhappy members - all part of the joy of keeping a busy website running.

All this week I'm on vacation and at home spending some quality time with the Baby-Geek (The Geek has to work, teeheehee). This afternoon the site is running smooth, and the Baby Geek is taking a nap so I decided to spend some time channel-surfing. As I'm flipping through my 149 channels I come across the old classic 12 Angry Men . Since I've never seen it before and since I have jury-duty in 2 weeks I thought I would give it a go. Well it turns out this is a pretty good movie. I wont go into a full review, but I liked it.

So as I'm watching Henry Fonda convince the 11 idiots in the room that they are wrong and he is right, I notice one very important detail:

Young Henry Fonda looks just like Carson Daily !

Now, I don't watch Carson Daily very often, but sometimes as I'm working on the website late at night I'll flip channels and run across his late-night show (I don't even know what it's called) and I'll watch it for a minute or two. Since when I see Carson Daily I'm usually half-asleep, I thought I would use the Interwebs to find some pictures of him and compare them to Henry Fonda.

Well.. am I crazy, or is there a tad-bit of a resemblance? Sure, Henry Fonda is older, but if you've seen Carson's TV show lately, you'll notice that he's not as spry looking as he is in these photos. I will make a new blog-post in 10 years with more updated pictures of Carson and we'll see if I'm right or wrong.


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