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Saturday, May 12, 2007
  Top 10 Reasons Why ShoeMoney Is So Popular

Anyone that knows anything about S.E.M., Adsense, or "makin 'mo money on the internet" knows who ShoeMoney is. But why is The Schoe so popular? What makes us all want to be like him? What makes us want to shave our heads, check his blog every day and take his posts at DP Forums as gospel?

After many minutes of research, I have put together a comprehensive list of what makes us all live and breathe Jeremy Schoemaker:

Number 10: He's just a regular guy like you and me

He makes spelling and grammar errors in his blog (just like me!) and isn't afraid to admit it; He loves to veg out in front of the TV watching Lost and he has A.D.D. and can't hold a thought for more than a minute or two. Damn, just like me!

Number 9: He wears a lot of cool shirts and stuff

WTF, this guy gets more free T's, polo shirts and other cool-gear than anybody I know!

Number 8: Hot chicks seem to flock to him
This might be worth more than that giant Adsense check.

Number 7: He's got really hairy arms doubt why the hot chicks flock to him.

Number 6: Hot chicks flock to him and
his wife doesn't get pissed
This is what makes ShoeMoney my own personal hero. If I so much as even look in the direction of a hot chick I catch hell from my wife for days. I guess this should really be titled "ShoeMoney is not PW'd like I am"

Number 5: He has a really cool pic of a giant Adsense paycheck

Who wouldn't want one of those?!

Number 4: He drives a Hummer
Jeremy Schomaker's Hummer

Actually, maybe this is why the hot-chicks flock to him.

Number 3: He goes out of his way to
help those less fortunate than him
Jeremy is all heart. Seriously though, he does help countless webmasters in the DP Forums.

Number 2: Despite his fame and fortune he has not lost his perspective
Mr. Schoe has not forgotten who he is, where he came from, or what is important in life. It would be very easy for someone as successful as ShoeMoney to become a Rich Jerk, but he seems to have kept his head about himself.

I'll leave this one open to readers. Please post your reason(s) why Shoemoney is so popular.

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Great post! Favorite part is you being PW'D by your wife. HA HA.

So my #1 reason is that even though he's so far ahead of the rest of us, anyone can read his posts, understand it, and apply it to what they are doing.
Very funny! I don't think I can add anything to what you have written. I agree about the wife deal and the nice looking chicks too...yikes!

Matt Keegan
The Article Writer
maybe it because of wonderful posts like this from grownupgeek
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